Whiskey Bottle Soap Dispenser

I have seen liquor/ whiskey bottle soap dispenser DIY’s all over Pinterest and I was really drawn to them. In my own home, I am kind of a brat about having “boy things” in the main living areas. What I mean by this is that you will not see sport’s memorabilia or video game references decorating our walls.. and as a general rule for gifting, I always think, if you would not want to display it in your home — do not buy it for someone else, regardless of your taste differences.

That being said, Father’s Day is around the corner, and while I typically take my parents to do something special on their respective days, my Dad never treats himself to anything so I always get him a little something extra. My Dad is a hardworking man. He is a labor and installs fences for work. He is outside in the dirt day in and day out, including his time at home where he enjoys being in his garden and tinkering with various objects. He is truly a guy’s guy. All that dirt and grime is hard to get off, though, truth be told, he isn’t that worried about oil stained hands…

I can remember the smell of him washing his hands after coming in for the evening, he always used this orange soap that smelled so amazing. I am not sure if that’s still a stock item in the house, but with these liquor bottle soap dispensers I couldn’t think of anything else I would ever put into it. It’s a true “guy” gift for that man in your life. I’ll be gifting one to my Dad this holiday, as well as making one for our laundry area for my husband.

1. Liquor bottle. I looked for one with great graphics, duh. Transfer the liquor into a decanter if you are in a hurry like I was.
2. Pump. 
3. Soap. I used Permatex 25219 Fast Orange Pumice Lotion Hand Cleanser.
3. Decanter, if necessary.
4. Electrical tape.

Empty the liquor bottle. You can use a decanter like I did, or you can wait until you’ve had a really exciting night! I like the idea of saving bottles from a special event and gifting them to the people that made those nights memorable. Think wedding, bachelor party, ect.

Fill with soap of your choosing.

Install pump.



In the photos above, you can see I had a lot of wiggle room when I first installed my pump. You can either use a cork and drill through it or use electrical tape to get your dispenser to fit as snug as possible. You can see the difference in picture two.

…and that’s it! You are literally finished. It’s the easiest gift ever, and it’s super cute and possibly has some nostalgia points!

Whiskey Bottle Soap Dispenser

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