Phipps Conservatory: Vase Arranging Class

Phipps Conservatory is an amazing place to visit in Pittsburgh. It is not only a gorgeous greenhouse with ever changing exhibits and endless gardens and home to one of the world’s greenest buildings, but it is an educational center for the community. You are able to take classes toward certification in a particular area, take individual classes, and sign up for workshops. The blog and subsequent future endeavors has provided me a reason to seek out these interesting opportunities within my local community.

In February I began a three week long (one class per week) Vase Arranging Class taught by Cindy Miller in Phipps Garden Center right off Fifth Avenue. The class had a surprising number of students, all at different ability levels. Student ages fluctuated creating an interesting environment. Cindy Miller, a local florist, was also certified by Phipps and teaches many of the courses for the certificate program. Her enthusiasm and knowledge made the class interesting, while her enthusiastic pup Callie provided entertainment. Each week you leave with a completed project promising to bring color to your home for weeks on end.

Vase Arrangements was a highly informative class, geared toward a more serious audience looking to hone in on their skills and advance their education of the subject. I think it’s a great starter course if you are looking to try it out and see if you want to further your education at Phipps since it is less of a commitment than some of the other classes in both time and expense. If you are looking for a class to take for enjoyment a few students told me about a class offered around the holidays which may be better suited.

Cindy Miller provided extensive information on not only the care of cut flowers, but various design techniques that can be used to display them.

Stay tuned, I’ll share tips with you from the class in other posts!


Note: If you plan to take this or other classes, plan on having a large Rubbermaid tote in your car to help you transport your projects, and maybe some bubble wrap to hold it upright. You won’t be sorry!