Valentine’s Day Floral Arrangements For Six Classic Personality Types

It’s funny to think of some of the ways men and women are similar. Especially when it comes to trying to figure out the other gender. It’s hard to imagine a man reading a male version of Cosmo, isn’t it?

My husband gets Men’s Health magazine and every once in awhile I’ll flip through the pages looking at the “woman-centric advice” they provide to men, like the “Sex and Music” article from October 2012 .  A Q&A with Madeline Haller from June 2013 entitled “The Girl Next Door”, which dug into questions like why does my girlfriend where sweats around me but looks ‘smoking-hot’ when she goes to work?  It’s so hard to imagine my husband reading those articles, but I think love is the human experience that bonds us. It’s the uniting force between all creatures and sexualities. It’s the purest form of humanity, one that leaves us longing for “the one”.

It feels appropriate to acknowledge this drive for companionship in February, with Valentines Day just around the corner. I wanted to use one of these Men’s Health articles, “Six Women You Need to Meet” and put a twist on it. So ladies, while apparently we all fall into one of six classic personality types, I am going to use this same theory to choose Valentine’s Day flowers based on the same six women described in the article. Here’s to hoping your partner stumbles across my recommendations!

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1. The Arty Hipster: Exciting and stylish. She’s in the know and likes a nerd or intellectual partner. She’s opinionated and wants someone whose interests match hers
JR Floral Recommendation: The girl’s bouquet should be centered around something truly unique like a Giant Protea.

2. The Intimacy Junkie: Meditation is her friend. She’s into self connection, she will be an intense partner and great for helping partners communicate. Prepare to spend a lot of time talking about life’s meanings and mysteries.
JR Floral Recommendation: Use peonies in her arrangement, so beautiful and pure. Bonus points for blush tones.

3. The Urban Sophisticate: funny, hot, & spontaneous. All the girls want to be her and all the men want to date her. She loves attention and needs a confident partner at her side.
JR Floral Recommendation: Poppies are the ultimate cool girl flower.

4. The Alpha Female: she’s on track to rule the world and a partner in the same vein is not the medicine the doctor ordered. She needs a partner that will help her “stop and smell the roses”.
JR Floral Recommendation: Gardenias are classic and beautiful.

5.  The Happy Homemaker: She’s nurturing and not at all career driven. Her sexual appetite will dissipate with each child.
JR Floral Recommendation: She will love anything, but we love this bright wild bouquet.

6. The Vegan Yoga Gal: Centered and calm and wants a man whose lifestyle is the same as hers.
JR Floral Recommendation: Something potted. We like an orchid for this girl.

I hope you enjoyed my interpretation and summary of these personality types, but feel free to read the whole article here.  We want to know, which personality type do you think you are and do you think the floral pairing matches?


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