Valentine’s Day Couple Q&A

Ashley & I have both been with our husbands for over a decade, Ashley & Dan got married in December 2012 while Jeffrey & I got married in September 2014.  We thought it would be fun, in honor of Valentine’s Day today, to answer a few couples questions.  I always love reading other blogger’s or author’s responses when they & their partner answer questions about their relationship.  It’s always funny to see how well they know each other, or think they know each other!  Hear about Ashley & Dan’s engagement story and find out what Jeff got me for our second Valentine’s Day!  I loved finding out what our husbands had to say and reliving all these great memories.  Wishing you and yours a very happy Valentine’s Day, go and share some love!

Do you remember where you where when you first met?  What you first said to each other?

L:  This is one of my favorite stories!  I was working at Friendly’s at the time, he came in with some of his friends & some of my friends.  I was hanging around their table and we were all chatting about whatever & the topic of prom came up!  I was complaining because I didn’t have a date and he just turned around and said “I’ll go to prom with you”.  I was shocked because that was the first time we met, but he asked one of my friends for my number later that night.  We ended up talking for a full month before we actually went on a date, and I not only got a date for prom that night but I meet my future husband!

J: Lyndsay and I met at Friendly’s. She was working there at the time. My friends and I were with mutual friends of hers and she came over to say hi.  I overheard her complaining to one of her friends about how she had this awesome dress but no prom date. Being the bold (and stupid) high school boy I was, my first words to her were something to the effective of “Hey, I’ll be your prom date!”.  I believe her rebuttal involved me dying my hair to match the dress. I knew I had a good one.  

Name 3 things you and your partner have in common.

L:  It’s so funny because sometimes I feel like we are so similar yet so opposite at the same time!  We are both Type A personalities, but we are definitely on different spectrums of this personality trait.  We both think logically about any situation. I tend to over think it while Jeff can come to a conclusion sooner. Lastly, we both love dessert!  Jeff can’t resist a brownie, while I will pretty much eat any sugary treat but have a soft spot for a good chocolate chip cookie.

J: We’re both relatively active, but only because we want to feel less guilty about eating cake.  9/10 times we rather argue over what to watch on Netflix vs going out.  When we commit to something, we commit to it 100%

Things you did in the beginning of the relationship to impress the other person?

L: I pretended to be really into the Foo Fighters & the Red Hot Chili Peppers, two of his favorite bands.  Like, I had heard some of their songs before but as a high school girl they were not high on my list.  I pretended to be a major fan and up to date with their new music.  I am a fan now, we’ve seen both bands in concert and Foo Fighters “Everlong” even made it onto our wedding play list!

J: Early on in our relationship we would joke about how “gangsta” Lyndsay was for listening to Nelly and other mainstream hip hop. (She’s not, she’s the whitest person I know). I decided to take things to the next level and get her an authentic pair of “Grillz” for Valentine’s Day so she could truly be a gangsta.

Best and worst travel memories?

L: Best I think would be driving down to Pittsburgh 3 months before we planned on moving down to look for apartments. The car ride is like 8 hours and the day before I took an early flight home from a  work trip and went straight to my friend’s bridal shower in NYC.  Nothing about the trip was really special and I was so exhausted from the day before, but it was so exciting to be taking our first steps to our new life! Worst I think was traveling to Italy for our honeymoon.  It all started with our connecting flight being canceled the morning we were leaving so we had to rush to get our flights changed around.  We then almost missed our new connecting flight in Germany, then had to fly to Rome where we had to take a train to Naples to get picked up in a van to be driven another hour to our hotel in Sorrento.  When we get to the hotel, they are over booked and moved us to a sister hotel.  It was the longest day of my life.

J: Riding into Venice on the back of a private speed boat during our honeymoon with Lyndsay under my arm was hands down one of the coolest moments of my life. I was both completely amazed by what I was witnessing and felt extraordinarily lucky to be there, with her, in that moment. Worst moment hands down was getting completely lost, and boxed in somewhere in upstate New York at 1am. It was on the return drive from our first trip to Pittsburgh, and honestly, the first time we had ever been on a road trip that long by ourselves. We were both completely exhausted, and frustrated. Not a good time.

Fashion choice you’re glad the other person ditched?

L:  When we first met, Jeff had this black & white newspaper belt he liked to wear.  He was very much into that whole Warp Tour scene in high school, so that very much reflected in his style, but it’s that dumb belt that I remember most.  I’m so glad I was able to convince him it wasn’t cute.

J: Lyndsay’s always been a fashionable lady, so I think it would be pretty out of line for me to pass judgement on her there. I will say, I’ve always loved Lyndsay with longer hair, so I’m excited she ditched the short cut she was sporting for a while.

What was your first impression of each other?

A: Dan ‘s dad bought the house across the street from my parent’s house when I was in middle school. I remember my dad announcing their arrival (I was very uninterested and couldn’t be bothered), but I also remember walking past their house and hearing someone practicing their trumpet. At the time I loathed everything to do with band and thought, “what a dork”. That dork turned out to be my husband, a very talented musician with loads of other great qualities. 

D: My first impression of her is the same impression I have had every morning for the last 12 years. I thought she was the most beautiful, fun, unique person I have ever met. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her that I was going to marry her. She once asked me what animal I think of when I see her. I told her she reminds me of a panda. She’s the most gentle, loving, kind-hearted person I’ve ever met. She’s as rare as a panda.  She told me I remind her of a sloth.

What do you remember most about the night you got engaged?

A: This was one of those epic nights in our relationship, so I can literally recall every minute of that night. First off, I was pretty sure we were getting engaged. Dan had planned an evening away (we had graduated college literally two days prior and we’re living with my parents at the time, so he wanted to go away to celebrate). Not to take credit away from him or anything, but he just isn’t much of a planner so it was a dead giveaway, especially since the location was a secret. A day or two prior he threw me off the trail and told me where we were going, which ended up being a lie anyways. When we arrived at Tara, a B&B modeled after the infamous plantation from Gone with the Wind (one of my favorite movies), the woman at the desk congratulated us on our engagement. Obviously, this was a blunder that lead to a really awkward house tour and an insanely funny engagement story. Honestly, it couldn’t have been more perfect. The imperfectness of it suits our relationship and the story is so memorable, I will never forget that night.  

D: I remember that everything didn’t go as planned when the lady at the hotel where I was going to propose accidentally congratulated us on our way IN to the hotel. I remember the look on Ashley’s face and heard her laugh. That’s when I realized that the whole situation was perfect and I wouldn’t want it any other way. The sound of her laughing was perfect. She was perfect. Everything was perfect.

Secret Single Behavior?

A: After 12 years together, there is literally nothing I don’t do around him, but I prefer to shop alone. If that counts? 

D: Video games are my guilty pleasure. She hates when I play them, so I play non-stop when she’s not around. We tried to play games together, but she’s so bad it stresses me out. I like to play alone.

Favorite thing that remained the same after 12 years?

A: After all this time, Dan is still one of my best friends and still one of the funniest people I know. 

D: We never let anything build to the point where we resent each other. If something is othering us, we let it out and get over it. We have never been shy towards each other. We love to laugh and have fun, not fight and be miserable.

Favorite memory together?

A: We’ve been together for twelve and a half years, so there are so, so many. But I think my favorites are all travel memories. Exploring new places really lets us be in the moment. It’s not time we take for granted, like so many day-to-day activities. 

D: My favorite memory is when she met our puppy Lexi. Ashley was traveling for work the week my Dad found Lexi online. I had her for a few days prior to Ashley returning home. We talked on Facetime and introduced her to Lexi. When she got home, she dropped everything and ran over to Lexi and started crying. It was an incredible moment. She has a great heart when it comes to animals.


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