Vacation Packing List: UK & Ireland Edition

So I’m super excited to not only be celebrating our 1-year wedding anniversary this Saturday, but also to be leaving for a two week trip to Dublin, Isle of Man and London!!  I love to travel and have been to London during my spring break senior year but I’m super excited to take my husband back and show him some of my favorite museums and pubs!  We will also be seeing one of my best friends from high school during our trip to the Isle of Man, she and her husband moved there after they got married last year.  I’ve been reading my favorite travel books and have some fun things planned for us in all places (like a Harry Potter tour in London) and I also have some free days scheduled so we can just wonder around and get to know each city better!  I’m always worried about over packing (which I always do, but I like to have choices) but since this is going to be a longer trip I really want to try and maximize everything I bring.  After doing some googling and talking to my friend about what kind of weather to expect, I’ve compiled a vacation packing list of a few things I’m definitely going to want to bring along for each place that can also be mixed and matched during the whole trip!


Vcation Packing List-IsleOfManone//two//three//four//five

Vacation Packing List-Londonone//two//three//four//five

Read all about my trip later this month!  Bon Voyage!