Upcycled Gift Tags

Happy New Year Everyone!

It’s about time to start taking down holiday decorations and getting back to normal life. Which is my least favorite activity. Let’s face it, the holidays and the decorations that surround it are joyful and whimsical and the lull that follows is a total downer. But it’s sort of a fact of life so we might as well make the best of it…

That being said, I am showing you a way to make upcycled gift tags from all of your lovely Christmas cards. You can selectively cut portions out for tags and trim, getting more than one use out of each card. All you need is some scissors, a hole punch, and some ribbon. I also used a paper punch from the craft store, but it isn’t necessary. You can use something round to make a template for circular tags or cut free form shapes. There are no rules, you just need a little imagination to bring new life to your cards.

Upcycled Gift Tags from Christmas Cards

Upcycled Gift Tags from Christmas Cards

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