Travel Packing List

Travel Packing List

So for my full-time job, I travel a lot to warmer weather (specifically Tampa, Florida). When I first started, I was always in a conundrum as to what to pack, especially in the frigid New York months. I’ve pretty much got it down pack to packing everything in just one carry on bag and one tote bag, so I’ve come up with a few tips and suggestions for anyone else in a travel/weather vortex confusion.

  1. Always wear the same plane outfit. Meaning, whatever you were on your flight there, wear it on the way home. (Always using clean socks and undies of course!)
  2. Speaking of plane wear, always try and wear your bulkiest pieces on the plane. For example, I like to wear riding boots because they’re good for the cold, easy to take on and off at security, and I can get away with them in the cold studio all day where I work down in Florida.
  3. Layers, Layers, Layers! I always pack mix and match pieces that can be layered, so that way with the changing temperature from NY to TPA and the changing temperature from the sunny FL days to the cold studio temp I will always be able to make a quick change to get comfy.
  4. Always wear a light coat down, even if its below freezing temperatures in NY. I always wear a mid-weight coat down and just lots of layers underneath (including a tank top, t-shirt, and some sort of jacket or sweater, sometimes both). This way when I get down to the warm weather, I’m not dragging a bulky coat with me until I get to my hotel.

Below is my travel packing list of some of my favorite pieces to bring, and where to find them.

Levi 524TM Skinny Jean $40 (sale)

Uniqlo Plaid Button Down $29.90

Express Sexy Stretch Legging $29.90

GAP Favorite Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee $14 (sale)

Topshop Open Front Cardigan $80

BaubleBar Geometry Layered Necklace Set $68

GAP 1969 Denim Jacket $69.95

JCrew Geo Stone Necklace $110

Vince Camuto Tall ‘Karita’ Boot $99.99 (sale)

Sam Edelman ‘Felicia’ Flats $99.95

Topshop Double Breasted Trench $150