JR Travels: Columbus, Ohio

Over Memorial Day weekend I headed to Columbus, Ohio with my husband and sister-in-law. Why Columbus you might ask? Just ‘cause! It’s a short three and a half hour drive from Pittsburgh, so really why not! Amy and I share a passion for checking out new places, new cities.

Columbus was a surprising city, we really had no expectation going there and were plesantly surprised to find out that is a really young, hip city. We checked out a Columbus Crew game and were thrilled to find that they had a pretty insane fan base. In true fashion we let our taste buds lead the way.

Luckily our taste buds are on point because we took an uber to German Village for brunch on Saturday and spent the rest of the day wondering. We got a great tip to walk Schiller Park, the perimeter of which is lined with old mansions- breathtaking! We also explored the local boutiques, coffee shops, and bakeries. Shout out to Kittie’s Cakes which is totally adorable and delicious! We landed in the Brewery District and did some day drinking followed by a relaxed stroll exploring downtown Columbus.

It was a quick two day trip, a lot of really good food and good times. If you are in driving distance like we are, I definitely recommend it for a two or three day trip.

. Great Restaurant // 2. Cute Coffee Place // 3. Us at Crew Game


1. The Capitol Building // 2. A 32 Room Bookstore // 3. Random Building Downtown


Stumbled upon this Lovely Setting Downtown

IMG_4169-compressor1. The wall at Kittie’s Cakes // 2. The floor at Elevator // 3. Brunch spot in German Village // 4. Brewery sign


1. Houses on the Park // 2. Schiller Park // 3. Cute little home // 4. Scenes from in the Park

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