Tips From A Florist For Your Wedding Flowers

With the end of summer comes “Part 2” of wedding season: fall. In recent years, I have come to the conclusion that fall may be a more popular season for weddings than summer (at least here on the East End of Long Island with the winery weddings becoming more in demand). Also increasing in popularity are Friday night weddings. I see almost as many of them as Saturday night soirees!

Starting to plan your own wedding? As a florist of 10 years (and counting!), here are a few tips that may be helpful when picking out your wedding flowers:

  • Don’t wait too long to book your flowers! Make an appointment for a consultation with the florist once you know your color scheme and no later than a year out from your date. Once you know your colors you can start choosing flowers in your palate. With a time span of a year, this gives you a chance to make manageable payments.
  • A big misconception with flowers is that DIY flowers are cheaper than having a florist do them. This is not always the case. Florists are professionals and not only know how to properly arrange flowers, but they also have the proper means to store them to keep them fresh until the event. If you buy flowers from a florist, you will most likely be paying retail prices for a pile of flowers that you have to arrange into something presentable, as well as keeping them cool and hydrated. This is one unnecessary stress that you do not need days before your wedding!
  • If money is an issue, most florists offer package specials on centerpieces, sometimes bouquets too. In my experience, packages are to be purchased as shown; the only customization available is picking the colors that you want.
  • If you have certain vessels that you want flowers in, 99% of the time florists can work with them, and that may save you some money too which is always a bonus.
  • Make sure you have some sort of idea of what you want before your consultation! Even if it is just Pinterest pictures and colors. This will help garner a sense of the look you are trying to achieve. Florists are not mind readers and there are as many flower combinations as there are people, so come prepared. Also be prepared to be flexible, as some of the flowers you “pinned” may not be available during the season of your wedding! But the florist will help you choose something with the same look and feel if that is the case.

There are endless options for what you can do with wedding flowers. From ceremony/aisle flowers, to flowers on the cake (yes, the fresh flowers you see on cakes are done by the florist!), you could really go all out! So enjoy this season of life and have fun with the planning process because your wedding day will be here before you know it!

These tips come to you from our Expert Contributor Holly Litts.

Image via Pinterest.