Three Tips to Styling A Book Shelf Like A Pro

I know this is a weird hobby to have, but I love styling book shelves; and not to brag, but I’m pretty good at it! I’ve been called into peoples office spaces just to style their shelving to look clean and pretty. It’s a useless talent to have but it puts me in such a zen mood while I’m doing it and afterwards I always get a little heart flutter of joy every time I glance over at my beautifully styled book shelf! Here are my top three tips for styling your own book shelves like a pro:

  1. Color Coordinate your books. This will give your shelves a clean line and colorful appeal.
  2. Add chachkies for interest. This can range from anything to a trinket tray, to a picture frame to a statue. Layers these in, place them on top of books, or use them as book ends to create much for texture and interest on your shelves.
  3. Keep it simple. This is my moto for almost any styling or home decor, simple is always best. You do not want to over crowd with too many books or chachkies otherwise it will start looking like a hoarder resides there.