Things to do in London (including more travel to Dublin and Isle of Man)

So for my husband’s and I one year anniversary we went on a two week trip to Dublin, Isle of Man and London.  We had such an amazing time exploring these places together, and since I’ve already been to London I had a lot of fun showing my husband some of my favorite places I first discovered there!  Below are some of our vacation pictures, which were really hard to narrow down since I took almost 2,000 over the course of the trip. Also, there are things to do in London and other details from every place we stayed, including what we saw and where we ate in case you ever find yourself on the other side of the pond!


So Dublin was first, and boy are people nice over there!  After a delayed plane and a lot of turbulence getting over there, we landed bright and early on a Sunday morning where Dennis, our per-scheduled driver, was there to pick us up!  He was the nicest and coolest guy ever, and gave us a brief history lesson on the way to the hotel.  Our hotel was in the heart of the Temple Bar district, which didn’t feel as touristy as I thought it would and was very convenient for going out late at night.  I was surprised at how busy the bars where every night we were there, including Sunday!  Of course it was rainy while were there (which I was not prepared for as much as I should have been), but Dublin weather is really like all the seasons in one day!  In the morning it would be cold and rainy and then by the afternoon the sun would come out and warm up a little.  Coming from New York’s third heat wave of the summer, this was definitely taking a tole on my body!  We had a pretty packed schedule for Dublin but I really wanted to take a trip outside the city, and since we only really had a small window to do so, we decided on visiting the Trim Castle which was about an hour bus ride.  Definitely worth the trip, and if we had more time, I would have loved to stay to explore the small town more!  I plan on traveling back to Ireland, but next time I want to rent a car and drive up the gorgeous scenic west coast!

We stayed: The Fleet Street Hotel

We saw: National Archaeology Museum of Ireland//Trinity College//Dublin Castle//Kilmainham Goal//Guinness Storehouse//Old Jameson Distillery//Trim Castle

We ate: //Elephant & Castle


Next, we hoped on the smallest plane I’ve ever been on over to the Isle of Man (or as I like to call it, the Isle of Men).  One of my best friends moved here after she got married, so it was essential we made time to see her and her new hubby!  It was lovely to have a free hotel with a castle view (a.k.a their apartment).  I was so taken aback by how stunning the scenery was there!  I couldn’t keep my eyes from the car window as we drove around, so much lush land and so many sheep, horses, and cows!  My friends had a full schedule for us planned which involved some archery lessons (I am Katnis) and visiting Castletown (more castles!).  It was so much fun getting to experience where my friend has been living for the last year and meet some of their friends.  Our visit happened to land during my friends birthday weekend, so we took a ferry over to Liverpool for the day and did the whole tourist thing, including the Beatles Story, a fabulous lunch and of course some birthday shopping!  Last thing I want to note about this stop, my friend’s dear husband introduced me to rugby (a.k.a rugby uniforms) and for that I will always be grateful!

We stayed: At my friends beautiful home

We saw: Glens//Venture Centre//Castle Rushen//Beatles Story

We ate: Tea Junction//Paparazzi//Barbary Coast Grill//Ticket Hall//Peel Fisheries Chippy//Revolution


The last stop on our trip was London!  London we pretty much had every day there to ourselves to do whatever we wanted, except one morning where I had a Harry Potter tour booked (because duh)!  I feel like even after already visiting there, there was still so much to do/see. However, the colder temperatures started to catch up with me and I started to feel under the weather about our second day in London, forcing me to slow down my pace a bit.  We were still able to hit the museums we wanted to go to, go see a play and do a day trip about 30 minutes outside of London to Hampton Court Palace.  With the Rugby World Cup just starting as we came here, we often would stop at a bar to catch a game (slash see the uniforms). We both really enjoyed walking along the River Thames and taking in the fun culture of South London, which consisted of cute shops, cool pubs and some outside entertainment.  I truly enjoy London, and if I could, I would love the chance to live there at some point in my life even if its just for a year! You could compare it to New York, and in a lot of ways it is, but to me there is just this indescribable energy I feel when I’m there that is both exciting and relaxing.  We plan to go back one day, maybe do a little more exploring of the English country side but we will defiantly be visiting my favorite city again!

We stayed: Unfortunately, at a bad hotel so I have no recommendations for you

We saw: Covent Garden//Big Ben//Westminster Abbey//Churchill War Rooms//Buckingham Palace//Tate Modern//Harry Potter Taxi Tour//National Portrait Gallery//Hampton Court Palace//London Tower

We ate: Wagamama//The Grazing Goat//Ye Old Cheshire Cheese