The Ugly Truth About Ingrown Hairs

Starting about two years ago, I started getting some unsightly bumps on my legs post-shave. I fought it for awhile but nothing was working and I was actually getting scar-like marks on my legs. Yuck!

And what a total bummer, because my legs are pretty much the only muscle definition I have to show off… Needless to say, this issue became a priority to figure out. I saw my dermatologist and she made some suggestions (there is no one specific cure) and I coupled that with my own research. I want to share some of my findings with you because I know how frustrating and embarrassing this issue was for me, as I am sure it is to anyone who is dealing with it.

How I cured my ingrown hair issues:

  1. Switch to a single blade razor. According to my dermatologist multiple blades trap bacteria, spreading it along your skin while you shave. (You can get my rose gold one here.) And this is actually great…. it’s a close shave and the replacement blades are really inexpensive! Better for the environment and my savings account…
  2. Use (fragrance free) Shaving Cream, every time. So, admittedly, I was a lazy shaver and shaved while showering. I am not sure why shaving cream makes such a difference, but the results are worth the five extra minutes. Keeping it fragrance free is key.
  3. If you want to switch to Nair, you could skip steps one and two (but I am too much of a spaz — I never felt like I had never truly washed it from my hands which left me being anxious about getting it on my scalp….. the struggle is real).
  4. Finish with witch hazel. I read this tip online, and it’s such an amazing product. It’s essentially an all natural toner that I use on my legs after I have finished shaving. It’s not only great for removing bacteria, but it has also helped minimized the dark marks. I now use this as toner on my face as well. I buy CVS brand, it’s like a 16 ounce bottle for something like $3, ridiculous!
  5. Fragrance free lotion for Sensitive skin. It’s so important to keep the products you use on your skin as pure as possible as the route of this problem most likely stems from sensitive skin.

Not only will these few tips help with your problems, but using paired down products will help with your beauty budget… If you have any other tips I would be happy to hear them!