The Best Pittsburgh Boutiques

I have always loved discovering new areas. Finding great shops and restaurants throughout small towns is a total joy for me. It’s funny how a great experience somewhere makes you want to go back, even if it’s a town you were just passing through, you would probably aim to stop in anytime you were near. This habit drives Dan mad at times, because for some reason, men cannot understand the concept of browsing… I am not sure why they are genetically hardwired so differently, but discovering boutiques and cute places seems to be best fit for a day with your girlfriends.

I think there is something so wonderfully about supporting local businesses and local creatives trying to make a name for themselves so in honor of small business Saturday, I want to share my thoughts on the best Pittsburgh boutiques.


Where: 436 Beaver Street {Sewickley}

House 15143 provides a really fresh offering of home decor products at a mix of price points. You can find some really lovely items in here for your own home that feel special as well as some truly lovely gift items. My favorite part about this store is their Art Bar, which features prints that are totally customizable. These make for great reminders of special dates or places, as well as providing fun items, like your wifi password for your guest room.

Where: 3629 Butler Street {Lawrenceville}

Pavement has been open since 2006. It has a really well curated collection of women’s clothing, most of which is American made, all in a really beautiful calming setting. The stand out here though is the shoes they carry, which are mostly leather goods, each unique and extremely beautiful.


What: Hot Haute Hot
Where: 2124 Penn Avenue {Strip District}


This store is insanely beautiful. They have the best collection of items all that feel very global and bohemian in feel. There is a lot of color here, a lot of pattern, wood and metal. The first time I was there I felt as though they had crawled into my imagination and put it in a room. This is by far my favorite independent furniture store in Pittsburgh.