Styling a Denim Vest

My denim vest, or “cut” as my hipster friend would call it, is by far one of the most utilized pieces in my closet! Obviously its a denim jacket without sleeves which inherently means its versatile but just in case you haven’t quite figured it out, I wanted to share a few ways I like to use it.


1. Only Wednesday Adams wears more black than I do, this piece provides great relief to an all black ensemble.

2. I layer my denim vests under a lot of my jackets, I really like the look of it, especially under a leather jacket.

3. So we all have the days when you try on everything in your closet, nothing is worse than running yourself out of time while you are getting ready and settling for a sheer shirt that you can see you black bra straps through. CRISIS AVERTED.

4. The structure makes a simple jersey dress seem slightly less dull.

5. Break up a busy all over pattern.

6. Add additional coverage to a tank top.


If you have other suggestions, we’d love it if you would share!
In case you were wondering, my vest is American Rag. I also like this and this.