“Someday is Now”

The Andy Warhol Museum is a staple in Pittsburgh. It is the largest single artist museum, with a floor for new and special exhibits. Being a Pittsburgh native, I have been to the Warhol more times than I can count. More recent trips have been taken to spend quality time with the special exhibitions, most recently “Someday is Now: The Art of Corita Kent.”

“Someday is Now” showcases the art of Corita Kent, who happened to be a devout Cathlioc nun, in a variety of media. She used her art to combine her passion for faith with political messages through printmaking. While Warhol used printmaking to exploit pop culture, Kent took pop references and used them to create work with deeper meaning. Her work is beautiful and inspiring and really showed a different way to utilize the medium that Warhol made so popular with silk screenprinting. The exhibit is a nice juxtaposition in theme to the museum’s permanent collection.

“Someday is Now” is on exhibit through April 19. Don’t miss it!

Note: If you’re a Pittsburgh native and familiar with the Warhol collection, or short on time, Friday night’s are my favorite time to sneak to the museum. You can enjoy the super trendy lobby for happy hour prior to making your way to the Special Exhibit. PS: Museum entrance is half price.




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