Six Curtains that are Killing It!

Curtains are one of those decor things that are super difficult. They can make or break an entire room and there are so many factors to consider. Length, fabric, pattern, solid, number of panels, grommet, pleats…. and that’s not even including all of your hardware options for hanging…..

I spend a lot of time thinking about the curtains in our house, silly I know. But, I know we aren’t killing it in that department and I am too indecisive to commit. Curtains can be soo expensive and I really have needed the four plus years (and continuing) of research in that area to help me decide– still not decided, btw. HELP! Below is a collection of a few rooms where I do think the curtains are totally inspiring. Call it a little inspiration, even a slight nudge to decision making, but alas, I will probably still be hanging out a year from now thinking “what do I want my curtains say about me”….


Dark & Moody

Green Goddess

Black & White Stripes

Pom Poms
Palm Springs Vibe

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