See ya, 2015!

Where in the world did 2015 go?! It was a fast year- I guess the sayings are true… time does fly when you are having fun, and goes even faster as you get older.

Earlier this month I read an interesting article on hobbies by The Everygirl  and it resonated with me in a big way. In September 2014 I can remember feeling exactly the same way as her– feeling like time slips by with nothing of substance to show for it and not being able to answer the simple question “what do you do for fun”. I had the exact same experience and after I felt so down on myself, just feeling like I was wasting life away watching TV and not pursing the things I love to do. I know I personally vowed to never stumble upon an answer to the question “what do you do” again…

Over a year later, I am so happy to say I stuck to that internal promise. Twenty-fifteen sure did fly by, but it’s been an awesome year! I spent a ton of time doing things I love– creating, designing, decorating, cooking, baking, learning — and most of it was with the expectation of providing original content to this blog. This joint venture has given me a reason to feel accountable for my posts, my previous solo-attempt at blogging was a no-go, and it has truly made me feel whole. Because of my commitment here, I am full filling a bunch of different parts of my world that I would normally brush off for the next binge watching session. I feel so grateful to have an outlet for my creativity and {we} are thankful for our followers. We’ll continue to grow in 2016, but for now, we decided it’d be fun to recap our favorite posts of each other’s work in 2015.

Have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve!


  1. Ashley showed a cute Father’s Day DIY soap dispenser and downloadable gift tags.
  2. Lyndsay shared some relationship advice honoring her first anniversary.
  3. Lyndsay shared her favorite jewelry display ideas.
  4. Ashley gave us a sneak peak of her home on her four year housiversary.
  5. Ashley dove right into the fringe trend.
  6. Lyndsay took a cupcake class with friends at the bakery that supplied her wedding cake.
  7. Ashley tried a fruit tart recipe for Dana’s shower & Fourth of July!
  8. Lyndsay shows us how to style a plaid flannel shirt.
  9. Lyndsay combined great fall flavors in these delicious cupcakes.
  10. Ashley got super into redecorating her home office, starting with this DIY clipboard upgrade.