Sangria Recipe

So we have it, we have about another month of summer left. It seems to come and go so quickly the older I get. This summer has been lovely.

My husband and I spent a lot of quality time enjoying our porch this year, as we always do. A lot of our nights were fueled by this sangria recipe. It’s my absolute favorite drink. Both my husband and my sister in law call me “sangria Ashley” because it takes about a glass before I have a smile plastered across my face and two before I am giggly.

My favorite thing about this recipe (besides all of the memories associated with it) is that it is forgiving. There is no measuring and no specific wine (not even type) necessary. I usually use various bottles of dry red that have accumulated from hosting presents, you can even mix types of wine if you are making this in a huge canister.

Note: I have to thank Lyndsay’s mom, Joan, for getting me started on my sangria obsession all those years ago… I have been working on perfecting my recipe since..

Cheers to the last month of summer! Make it count!




    • Ashley Rae
      Thanks Lexi! We love your site <3 -Ashley