Redesign Part 1: Bedroom Decor

Long time no talk & I have to say, I’m very glad to be back!  So good news, my husband and I have (finally) decided to make the move to Pittsburgh.  This has been after years, yes years, of debate and lots of back and forth; but the decision has finally been made and I am very excited for our new adventure!  With the excitement of the move on my mind and the weeks ticking by, I have now started obsessing over what our new decor should be, I’m thinking new place so new design.  We have rented an apartment in downtown Pittsburgh and are both excited the experience of living in a city before we settle down with a house.  I want our new decor to represent our style (which I think we are still honing in on and I’m sure will continue to change as we grow) and give us room to grow when we eventually get a house; nothing sounds worse then starting all over again because you weren’t being true to your own style!  I have all these ideas in my head of what I want our future home to be like, but I’m having trouble streamlining them and narrowing down for apartment living.  So I’ve decided to take it room by room and make inspiration boards to keep me on track.

We just got a new bed (an upgrade from my childhood full size bed to an adult queen size) and I’ve been most excited to update our bedroom decor to something more modern in style but relaxing in feel.  I have a known problem of shying away from color and sticking to a more neutral/dusty palette which I’m fine with, but my husband likes color and a more industrial feel.  So for the bedroom decor I’ve decided to combine my love of grays and blush with a more masculine navy for a sophisticated feel.  I have this idea in my head of making the bed the statement piece of the room and accenting it with white bedding and adding color with decorative pillows and throws.  For the furniture, I like classic wood pieces mixed with mid-century pieces to create a more thrifty look that feels relaxed and lived in.  Both my husband I really like having artwork around, it’s a great way to blend our individual styles together and make the room feel welcoming.  I’ve curated the below images to help represent not only the color palette I have in mind but also for the relaxed feeling and modern decor style of each room.

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Below is my shopping list for the top 5 elements for any bedroom : a bed, lighting, side tables, rug and decorative decor.  Keep in mind that I have a more feminine palette, but I want to keep my furniture pieces more clean cut and modern so I can layer in the more feminine pieces without making the space overtly pink, think rose gold lighting and faux fur pillows.


I want the bed to be the centerpiece of the room.  I’ve never had a real bed before, not even a headboard.  My husband and I have differing opinions on this, but I promised him if he let me get a statement worthy piece, I would keep the color neutral (which he begrudgingly agreed too).  For bedding, I like all white (and fluffy) with colored accents in the pillows and throw and/or quilt.  Since starting this post, I’ve actually settled on the first bed in a taupe velvet, and it’s in the process of being built then will ship to our new address!


I’m still going back and forth on which lighting I think will work best with our bedroom decor, but I’ve always loved the idea of a modern chandelier in the bedroom, however, since we are renting for awhile I think some statement bedside table lamps will be the smartest investment.  I’m really obsessed with the first option; it’s neutral with a pink undertone and has great texture.  The third option is a fun play on metallics while sticking to my color scheme and the second option would be my ideal light fixture if we had a home to hang it in.


I am a big believer in not buying bedroom sets.  I don’t want everything matchy-matchy, and I really like each piece to have it’s own character and cohesively mingle in the space they’re in.  My husband and I really like mid-century style furniture but I couldn’t decorate a whole room solely in that style.  The first side table is the perfect pop of mid-century and adds a great wood texture to the room.


Generally I struggle with pattern, rugs in particular have always been a struggle for me.  Currently I love that distressed Moroccan style rugs, I think its such a great update on a traditional rug.  I also really like the idea of using pop colors in your rug, especially if like me you are doing mainly solids and/or neutrals.


The decor accents are always the best part of any room!  I usually have trouble narrowing it down so the room doesn’t feel cluttered, but I’m determined that my future bedroom be a relaxing oasis.  This is the area I really bring in accent colors and I love adding different textures to keep everything interesting.  I’m pretty determined to have either faux fur pillows or a faux fur throw for the bed.  I also love the idea of a really great mirror, not only for practical reasons, but their reflective quality always make a room look bigger and brighter.

Stay tuned as I lay out my re-design ideas for other rooms as we move and get settled in!  And if you have any good home decor products or home stores you would recommend, I always love hearing about new products and places!