Pup-cakes Recipe

JeanieRae_LexiGrey_4yearsOur baby girl is four today! It’s so hard to believe. It seems like yesterday when I just met her. Dan adopted her while I was on a work trip, and I had to wait three days to meet the little mush. My life has been so much fuller ever since. I fell in love the instant I saw her first baby picture, a wet little “bear” wrapped in a snuggly pink towel….


We’ve had an eventful four years. Unfortunately health hasn’t always been on her side. She’s been in and out of the emergency room more times than I can count, luckily, she’s always come out on top. And trust me, she knows how loved she is because she spreads her love to everyone she meets. A perpetual puppy who is always excited to see everyone, tail always wagging, and happy pee everywhere… (Dan has never regretted my win on no carpets!)  Recently after I showed a kind stranger her photo he said ‘there is love in her eyes’. No truer words have ever been spoken. You are truly a gift, Lexi Grey. We love you! Happy Birthday. In honor of her birthday, I’d like to share the puppy cupcake “Pup-cake” recipe that has become our tradition.

Like this recipe? You can download it here or click on the card.