Pierogie Recipe

Pierogies are a Christmas Eve tradition in our family of Polish and Czechoslovakian heritage. My parents make them yearly…and let me define… When I say they make pierogies, what I am saying is, they make enough to feed a small army, about 19 dozen! Its a full days work and involves numerous people, assembly line style..

The nice thing about these little guys is that they are super easy to store. I like to make them, put them on a tray and flash freeze them (so they don’t stick together) and then put them in a bag in the freezer. When you are ready to cook them you can put them in boiling water from frozen.

If you choose to eat them the same day, you can boil them. They are done when they start to float. Then I always pan fry them with a teeny tiny bit of butter and onion to get them a nice golden brown.

This recipe is pretty fool-proof. It is just a little time consuming…. Pittsburgh has a pretty large Polish population and this style pierogie is sold at all of the local churches with lines and total sell outs so I promise it is well worth it! Enjoy!