Get Inspired: Blue & White Global Patio Reveal

Hi Everyone, I hope you are enjoying your summer! I know we are–sipping coffee and mojitos on our newly redecorated patio. I am so excited to reveal the final design, this year I was blessed enough to be able to invest in decorating. We are finally done with a lot of larger outdoor projects that took both the time and the capital that kept me from being able to do this. In the past six years we removed two MASSIVE trees and replaced part of our fence that was damaged in that removal (whoops!). We gutted the framework on the porch, which was once a pretty scary screened in porch with bead board walls and nasty green outdoor carpet….. During demolition we discovered that the bead board was a breeding ground for stink bugs…. Yuck! We’ve also had to install French drains to assist in keeping our basement walls dry. I managed to do a few fun upgrades in those years, but this year, I really sealed the deal and got it to a point where I can sit back, relax and enjoy without my anxiety and OCD constantly thinking about what I want to change…

As I mentioned, we started with a few pieces already in place. (A DIY dining table I made for Dan when he was on his first business trip to Russia a few years back, a DIY light fixture inspired by a Restoration Hardware light that I’ve loved for as long as I can remember, a modular couch we purchased last year at Costco, Adirondack chairs that were built for us by my Father-in-Law as a Christmas present, and a patio heater also gifted by my parents for Christmas in year’s past — we have great parents!). In hind sight, I wish I had more of a vision for the space last year prior to purchasing our couch, however, I knew I wanted an aluminum frame and the price was right. It’s just that this year, I have thought about paining the bases and / or recovering the fabric already… I am going to live with it for another year and wait and see if it still bothers me next year before making any big decisions.

Inspiration Images: Left // Top Right // Bottom Right

I was unclear of the direction I wanted to take with the design, I just knew I wanted it to be a continuation of our indoor style outside. When I saw this picture (left), I fell fast & hard in love! Based on that I found my direction. I went into this redesign without a budget… (This was a bad call!)… I just knew I wanted it done and done right. I started sourcing items based on my inspiration and seriously, it took over. I am so pleased with the results! And don’t worry, I’ll included links to as many items as possible!

There is just something about a bistro table that tugs on my heart strings..

Chairs // Bistro Table // Black & White Lumbar Pillow

Some behind the scenes details:  I purchased two three piece sets of furniture this year. One of them being these chairs, which came with a matching little side table. The other was a set of two chairs (that you’ll see at the heads of our dining table) and a mosaic bistro table. I bought the second set with the intention of selling it, then my husband loved it… the colors do work in the space, but the style really doesn’t. I had full intentions of returning this table after the shoot, but gosh, I love it so much I decided to keep it! Sorry honey, the mosaic table is back up on Let Go.

Funny Story: When I was purchasing this table (from Target), I had a cart full of items. This table was one of them, it seemed to be stable, but then all of a sudden as I was passing a display of perfectly placed water bottles…. BAM. Table breaks and there were about 100 water bottles everywhere. Guys, this is my life. SMH. I wanted to crawl under the cart and pretend I wasn’t there but I helped pick up every single one of those water bottles and return them to their original state. Then I proceeded to get the other (un-chipped) table and try again. Luckily, I had a little more success the second go around.

Outdoor Rug // Black & White Stripe Pillow // Palm Pillows // Gather Sign

Rattan Chargers // Napkins