Outdoor Living

While your outdoor spaces might not be a number one priority, they certainly can be magnificent. I come from a family of porch dwellers, I grew up spending summers on my Grandma’s porch, my Aunt’s porch, and now we spend a lot of time on my parent’s porch and in-law’s porch. It’s a nice place to gather free from television. Visits seem to be of made of more quality time and less white noise which is necessary in life’s busy schedules.

I think about the porch’s we spend time on, most relatively unfussy because porch living should be breezy.  That being said, I think the key to outdoor living is to treat it like any other space in your home. So many times I think people feel like they must have a table and chairs outside, which is nice, but if you are someone who is okay eating dinner on the couch, why bother? I think, especially if you haves limited space, you should utilize your area for the style of living you find most comfortable. If you would use an outdoor sofa more than a table, then do that!  Otherwise, I think your outdoor style should stay true to your indoor style, and you should make it as functional as possible. That way it doesn’t turn into a room that is pretty to look at and you don’t use!

Get inspired by some of the creature comforts I wish for in our outdoor living space which will help you achieve that perfect laid back feeling…

1. A Great Rug: Rugs unite spaces. Outside they might even be more impactful if that is possible. It creates a warm and cozy environment that makes you want to throw up your feet and get cozy. You almost might even forget about the mosquitos.


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2. A Consol Table: Its so nice to have a spot outside dedicated to serving. Housing food and drinks away from other seating areas and tables makes more sense when you are hosting a soiree.


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3. Privacy : Privacy could be hard to come by if you aren’t living on acres and acres of land. I love the idea of using drapes for a cozy look, and this DIY panel idea is totally genius for other parts of the yard!


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4. Seating: Whether around a table, a fire, or just hanging on the porch you want to provide a space that inspires people to just get comfy.


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5. Plants: I think one of the biggest mistakes you can make outside is taking that for granted. Even though you are surrounded by nature, you should still bring some greenery into your living space. Plants are welcoming, inside and out.
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