Four Years Later- A Reflection on Our First Home

It has officially been four years since we’ve moved into our home. Where has the time gone?

Dan and I were both in our last semester of college and living with my parents when we made the decision to call this house our first home. We are living in his families home, the home we fell in love in and that contained so many of our early memories.

The house sat vacant for a little over three years after his Dad remarried, needless to say, it needed a little TLC. Because the house was his families home, I wanted very much to turn it into our home and begin with a blank slate. Lucky for me Dan is quite the handy man. Paired with our fathers, they spent an entire year taking out house out of 1980 and putting it into the twenty first century.


We started this project before we were even engaged, and for anyone who hasn’t done a remodel together, be warned because it is a true trial to a relationship. We fought A LOT in that year, probably more often than we didn’t. We were working/ full time students/ in the middle of a remodel. I think that’s a lot for any couple let alone 23 year olds… I still am in disbelief that we made it down the aisle.

Four years later, I can say our home is still a construction zone most of the time we can now find comfort in that. I think once the projects cease we’ll be terribly bored. Its become so much of who we are and what we love.




1700 square feet + 70 sheets of drywall + 24 gallons of paint + a brand new kitchen and bath – 3 walls = 1 crazy couple and a whole lotta love

Still to come: Master bath, Master Bedroom, laundry area, outdoor fire pit, guest bath redo #2, half bath redo #2, Potential kitchen remodel #2

Stay tuned!

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  • D$
    Can't believe it's already been four years! The house went through a complete transformation and looks incredible! You guys have done an amazing job with it and I can't wait to see what comes next! Keep the articles (and pictures) on it coming!