My New Year Resolution

I’ve been thinking about this post for awhile now and it started like any other list of resolutions, things that are nice in theory but never seem to pan out (like eat a salad everyday).  So I started thinking smaller and things that I could actually accomplish this new year.  Below is my new year resolution list for 2016, what are yours?!

Be more positive.  I like to think of myself as a glass half full kind of girl however lately I’ve been noticing my pessimistic side get the better of me.  I want this to stretch to all things in my life, from how I see myself when I look in the mirror to day-to-day work situations to just reaching out to say hello to people!  I think just being a happier more positive person is not only great for your health but having a better attitude towards things and other people makes living life just that much better!

Save a lot of money.  I’m a great saver, I always have been.  My parents from a young age taught me the value of a dollar and that I need to work hard for my money and this concept was never lost on me.  However, my husband and I plan on buying our first home in 2017, so this resolution is to help me set up my future.

Finally get a tattoo.  This isn’t the kind of life changing resolution that is super thoughtful and meant to change my life, but it is something fun to do with my sister!  We’ve talked about getting matching sister tattoos for awhile now and this year I will face my fear of the needle and get my tattoo!  (I actually made the appointment early this week!)

Spend more time outside.  I’ve been living in a dungeon for the past two years (a.k.a. a basement apartment) and really miss natural light!  So this year I want to get outside more, whether thats to go explore a new place or train myself how to run (I literally have no lung capacity) I just want to be outside with sun and all that vitamin D!  This will also play nice in the fact that every year I want to exercise more but only do it sporadically through out the year.

Do more things with my husband.  We agreed when we decided to buy a house in New York that we want to take more advantage of the area, we are in the middle of Long Island equal distances from the city and the vineyards out east!  I want to take advantage of that and see more shows in the city, try new restaurants, explore new towns and go on more surprise date nights!  I’ve already started this resolution by surprising my husband with tickets to a musical in the city we’ve been talking about seeing!

I hope all of you have a wonder and healthy new year and you use this new beginning to reach for your dreams and just go for it, whatever that is for you!