My DIY Gold Foil Vase Fail

You know when it’s late, and you know you should put down your phone and try and sleep, but you’re lost in a major Pinterest haze?  This has happened to me way more than I care to admit, but during one of those nights I found this adorable DIY Gold Foil Vase project and I simply HAD to try it out!  (Please note: I am not too into DIY crafts these days; I did enough for my wedding to last me the rest of my life!)  To start, I already had a vase, one of those plain ones that came with a bouquet my husband sent me last Valentine’s Day, and so I set off to Michael’s to get the rest of the necessary items to get started making this beautiful vase.  Now, this is where it all went wrong.  Even though I printed out the tutorial, read the directions at least 3 times before I started, I was so excited to get started that I completely missed a very IMPORTANT step for this DIY project!  I forgot to remove the stencil BEFORE I adhered the gold foil and boy, was that a punch in the gut!  However, my initial reaction of panic subsided, any thought of skipping this post disappeared, and I decided I didn’t want the $20 spent and the past hour of work to have been a waste!  So, I decided to share my DIY vase fail with you anyway, because let’s be real, from far away it still looks pretty good (I just don’t think I’ll be bringing it out for dinner parties)!  Do you have any DIY projects you’ve done recently that started out promising but just took a turn for the worse?!





  • Ann Marie
    I'm going to attempt to paint a small bookcase that I found in a "junk-tique" shop upstate a bunch of years ago. In fact, this goes back to one of the earliest posts on jeanierae as I'll be using milk paint for the project. It seems simple enough, so I'm hoping it's not a DIY fail. I'll let you know when I take it on.
    • Ashley Rae
      Best of luck!