Master Bath Inspiration

We’ve been living in our home for almost 5 years now and in that time we have taken on a TON of projects; cutting down trees in the backyard, refinishing our back deck, landscaping, our dining room, built in a bar, and laundry room (not to mention all of the work we did prior to moving in), but during this time, we’ve never had enough motivation (or money) to start our master bathroom.

Earlier this year, we decided that we’d do a few things this spring (namely installing french drains) and then start work late fall on our bathroom. It’s going to be an ongoing project because we want to do it right. So as we can afford, we are going to do things for slow, which works since its our second half bath and literally just studs and floor boards at this time.

This past weekend while I was away for a bachelorette party in Put-In-Bay, I picked up an awesome piece for it, a cast iron mermaid, and I am not sure how we’ll incorporate her yet, but she’s definitely inspired me to move my brain to this direction.

Plan to see multiple shop posts regarding this project as we progress, but for now, I leave you with beautiful pieces that are getting me ready for our master bath remodel…

Window Covering
Necessary when the bath has a window facing the street.
MasterBathWindowTreatmentONE // TWO // THREE

Vintage Mirrors
One of my favorite ways to mix the old with the new

MirrorsONE // TWO

A Black Framed Shower
Breaks up the All-White Bath

BlackFramedShowerONE // TWO

Beacause I never need an excuse to buy a beautiful rug…