Lovely Little Finds

Hello Friends,

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared my lovely little finds from around the inter webs, and I can’t help but notice the irony that this is our 29th addition of Lovely Little Finds during my last week in my twenties— more on this later!  Hope you enjoy what I’ve been eyeing, please don’t hesitate to share some of yours!

July 17,2017 - All our favorites from around the web!

  1. How amazing does this drink look?! Seriously, these ingredients are singing my name, and actually, this blog is pretty flippin’ sweet too. (Oleander + Palm)
  2. Maybe these look super appealing because it is birthday week, but this dessert looks like an absolute delight! (The Busy Baker)
  3. Rosie has inspired some serious travel goals (The Londoner)
  4. So, confession time, we still haven’t started our master bath… but this mirror find has me totally jonesing to get started! (anthropologie)
  5. While I’ve sort of gotten away from trends the last few years, I have to admit I am excited for the drama in fall’s fashionable looks (elle)
  6. This DIY Soap will keep you in a summer state-of-mind all year long (Happiness is Homemade)

7. The most beautiful bouquet to inspire your fall wedding (instagram)

8. Almost time to bring the plants indoors, check out this DIY Planter (apartment therapy)

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