Just Because Gift Basket

I love a good gift basket, especially when I’m surprising someone with one!  My best friend named Jessica and I have know each other since middle school but have been good friends since high school, we got to know each other better since our lockers were next to each other for all four years. This past winter, Jessica was accepted into the NYPD police academy and working on achieving a life long dream of hers to become a NYPD officer. I could not be more happy or proud of her! She has always been a hard worker, holding a part-time job throughout high school and three in college. I’ve always admired her work ethic and have been watching her put her all in the academy program the last few months. We will celebrate her graduation in June, but until then I wanted to do a little something for her to keep her motivated and to give her a little treat. I made this ‘just because’ gift basket for her and filled it with inspirational sayings, chocolate and this best friend pin from Valley Cruise Press! So Jessica, take some time to enjoy these goodies and keep on working hard to achieve your dream, I know you will be amazing!! xo



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