Huemor Designs Annual BBQ

So every year I have the pleasure of not only hosting but also designing and planning a summer BBQ for the employees of Huemor Designs (it also happens to fall on my husbands birthday weekend!).  This year I decided to expand on some ideas I had last year, such as the selfie station, and also to save some time we fine tuned the menu to keep it strictly backyard BBQ fun!  Teaming up with a friend, a one Ms. Holly Litts, we decided to keep with the theme of the day, for decor we decided to keep it classic picnic style with pops of bright colors mixed with a little industrial vintage (which sounds like a lot of mixing but it works!).  Of course we spent a lot of time on Pinterest gathering inspiration and ideas that would really elevate this BBQ!  A special thanks to Mary DeCaprio for perfectly capturing the aesthetic of the event and to Holly Litts for not only taking the flowers to the next level but for also all the time and effort you put into this!

bbq party ideas-1

bbq party ideas-2

bbq party ideas-3

bbq party ideas-4

bbq party ideas-5

bbq party ideas-6

bbq party ideas-7

bbq party ideas-8

bbq party ideas-9

bbq party ideas-10

bbq party ideas-11

bbq party ideas-12

{Client: Huemor Designs//Event Planners: Jeanie Rae + Holly Litts//Photographer: Mary DeCaprio (check her out on Facebook too)//Flowers: Holly Litts (email her at}