Hosting Tips for Thanksgiving

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Hosting the Thanksgiving holiday is very stressful, I’m sure.. I personally have never hosted, but I have hosted a number of other dinners, and since Thanksgiving is the big one, I am sure it’s even worse! So even though I am not hosting, I haven’t forgotten about those of you who are.. I have rounded up a couple of my favorite hosting tips, Thanksgiving style. I sure hope it helps! Happy prepping everyone!

Thanksgiving Table Decor

  1.  A Beautiful Table begins with the centerpiece. I love the simplicity of doing a decorative table runner, which saves you time and space on the table. Julie Blanner shows you how she created this beautiful look step-by-step, here. If you really are short on space, I think taking your decoration to the ceiling, shown by The Style Files, is absolute genius!
    Place cards
  2. Place cards. Ignore the awkwardness of helping people figure out where to sit by assigning seats ahead of time. Besides, they give you another chance to add a little something special to your table design.. These are a few of my favorites, {cork and feather //autumn leaves }.

Elevate the day to day.
3. Spice up the ordinary
. I love the idea of doing a little something special for your flatware or napkins on holidays. Choose one, as both might be too much. Also keep in mind your place cards because there might be a fun way to merge the two to keep your table less crowded. You can really change the tone of your event depending on what you choose. This painted burlap sack keeps things fresh and informal while the beautiful sculpted napkin screams elegant dining.

4. Don’t forget about the kids table. Having something special for them will not only make their day, but it will keep Mom and Dad free to enjoy their holiday as well. {affordable table covering, butcher paper and crayons, felt turkey crayon holder}