Home Printing Help

First off, thank you so much for purchasing one of our printable templates (or at least for thinking about buying one)! We hope you are so happy with your invitations! If you are printing at home (or are considering it) we want to make sure you are set up and ready to go! You will need:

1. A Self Healing Cutting Mat
2. An X-acto Knife
3. Ruler, Preferably Metal, or Metal Edged.

We recommend you cut your invitations one page at a time for accuracy.

The lines in the white space are called crop marks. You want to line your ruler up along those.
*Pro tip: Always place your ruler over the invitation. That way if you slip, it is into the margin and not into the invitation!
ruleredge-compressorWhen you are cutting the paper, it’s best to cut through the crop marks leaving some of the margin uncut, otherwise you won’t have your crop marks when you are cutting the other direction.


I personally like to cut all my vertical lines, there would be four. Then cut horizontally in two longer strokes. Remember to rotate the cutting mat so that you are always cutting with your dominant hand and the ruler is always covering the artwork. Don’t worry about the art you cut off, that is called “bleed”. The purpose of the bleed is to ensure your art covers the entire invitation.
finishedproduct-compressorRepeat until you are finished! Not too bad, was it?!