Holiday Traditions

The holidays are upon us and many of us have traditions we participate in this time of year. I wanted to share some of the holiday traditions my husband and I have developed over our time together. Its so funny how one great experience creates memories you want to repeat every year…

  1. A good deed. We are very fortunate that we do not want for much. Therefore, Christmas presents seem unnecessary.. The last few years we’ve really scaled back our buying but the one thing we’ve collectively agreed on is making a shopping trip geared toward our favorite cause- animals. We donate to the local Humane Society throughout the year by means of old towels and blankets, but at this time of year its extra special to get together and go for a big shopping trip to pick up food and cleaning supplies that are much needed by our local shelter….
  2. In Lieu of Presents. We have been trying diligently to spread our no presents policy to our parents. Last year we found the perfect alternative, spending time with the people you love. This obviously seems like a no brainer, but with busy lives and demanding schedules sometimes it is hard to really make time for those that matter. Last year we chose an activity with everyone and made ourselves truly present just taking in an making memories with those we love.
  3. The Nightmare Before Christmas. We have a shared love for all things Tim Burton and we’ve made it our tradition to watch the movie while we put up our own Christmas tree(s) making for a truly enjoyable experience. Look closely and you’ll find a number of Tim Burton ornaments on our tree. Keeping on the movie note, we also make it a point to watch White Christmas every year, my personal favorite.
  4. Santa Paws. Lexi will be five in March, its so hard to believe that these last four Christmas’ I have found myself playing Santa Paws on Christmas Eve (a.k.a sneaking her presents under the tree- Dan holds her hostage in our room while I do it) he thought I was insane the first year, but when she excitedly ran downstairs and straight to the tree (on a normal day she won’t change floors without us), he was just as hooked as I was.. She’s our fur baby, and she looks forward to her toys and treats under the tree (promise I’m not crazy) so we spend our Christmas mornings watching her cheerfully play while we enjoy a hot beverage and some quality family time.

What traditions have you and your significant other created?


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