Holiday Gift Wrap

Have you ever received a package so beautiful that you don’t want to open it / you hang onto bits and pieces of it forever? I have/ do that. Actually, as I write this, I am looking at some things pinned to my cork board that are remnants of packages I have opened…. a few shreds of fabric that were wrapped beautifully around a pair of earrings I ordered from Etsy, a postcard that was included in a Kate Spade purchase, an envelope that was shipped with an online order……

It might be a sickness, but having great lovely details in your packaging creates a memorable experience for the recipient. This doesn’t just apply to brands people, it also applies to gifts you are giving… customizing something for them or showing that they were worth the effort of a meaningful package can be the difference between a T-shirt and their favorite T-shirt…. I know you know what I mean…

So as much as I love a beautiful package, storing a ton of wrapping paper for different holidays gives me loads of anxiety (we have limited storage space in our home) so I have learned to buy only neutral papers that can be used for many occasions. The best way to customize a gift for a special occasion is to switch up your three T’s- Trim, Trinkets, and Tags. These three T’s are the easiest way to add a little something to a present and cater it to the occasion- and so much easier to store than loads of wrapping paper!

For Christmas this year I am doing a mix of brown kraft paper, ticking stripes, and polka dots accompanied with red trimmings, hand drawn tags, and mistle toe sprigs. Enjoy!