Handpainted Wedding Cakes

When I was planning my wedding, the first element I fell in love with was my wedding cake. I remember just being totally in love with the fact that it was so different, yet beautiful. (I’ll have to share photos from my wedding one day, remind me, k?) But choosing my cake helped me streamline the rest of my wedding inspiration, because there was no wavering for me. A strong piece of inspiration can go a long way!

If I were to be a 2015/ 2016 bride, I just know that I would have fallen completely in love with the hand-painted cake trend that is out right now… It offers a TON of versatility to the bride, because its a totally custom kind of look. I am totally enamored with paper products so I feel like I would be choosing my invites first and taking them to the cake artist to emulate.

I hope to a few brides/ brides-to-be with this collection of lovely hand painted cakes…




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