Husband Approved Guide to Picture Hanging

Ladies. It occurred to me recently that we might be really needy and kind of a pain in the ass. Don’t get me wrong, men definitely are as well, but we really are. In honor of Father’s Day this month I wanted to share this really handy guide with you. The worst part about hanging pictures for a guy is having to watch all our indecisiveness on where to put it… This trick not only allows them to escape the decision making process, but it also cuts down the mental work for them. Follow closely.

StepOne-compressorStep One:
Use some sort of large paper (mine is kraft paper on a large roll sold in hardware stores typically used for painting automobiles) to trace the exact size of each frame. Cut it out, and make yourself a note (if you are hanging more than one picture) to remember what this is for. Then flip over your image and expose the hardware on the frame. Align your paper cut out and mark where your nail(s) will need to go. Repeat for each image you are going to hang.

StepTwo-compressorStep Two:
Remove the guess work by laying out your images on the floor. This will allow you to figure out your layout without having to hold things up to the wall and move them around five hundred times.

Step Three:
Duplicate your layout on the wall using your paper images. Secure to the wall with painter’s tape and make sure it’s perfect before moving to step four.

Step Four:
Time for your Hubby! (Have a hammer, picture hangers, finishing nails/ Gorilla hooks (as shown), and a small level ready for him. He or you (if you are feeling adventurous) can use the pre-marked holes to secure nails to the wall without question. Then carefully pull the paper off from around your nail/ hook and you are ready to hang! Final1-compressorEnjoy! Trust me, your gallery wall/ picture will be so much more enjoyable to both of you now that you eliminated all the bickering!