Glass Canister DIY

This DIY glass canister was born out of pure necessity. Here’s the story:
We had a mouse in the house! So, we have had at least one mouse, I call him Gus. Truth be told, there is probably a small family living here and they have been eating all the food in our pantry for the last month and a half. We had three sitings, and one caught so far- live trap of course! And I do mean the kind where you move them away from your home and let them go about their marry lives unharmed, no cruel glue traps here… What? They are super cute with their round pink noses!! Don’t judge.

Anyways, as much as I don’t mind sharing our snack foods (in fact, this was a huge help for our diets!) we still needed a way to protect our foods in a jiffy. After rummaging through our recycles and “discovering” an alternate use for glass jars, this project was born. Obviously, glass jars are meant for food storage so this was a no brainer, I just needed to figure out a way to pretty them up!

  1. Clean and remove the label from all jars.
  2. Use painters tape and tape off all areas of the jar except for where you would like to place your label. (optional)
  3. “Prime” both the lids and the exposed glass using Bulls Eye Shellac, pictured above. This will make everything more durable for use. Two coats.
  4. One completely dry, you can begin to paint. You will need two – three coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint for complete coverage.
  5. Leave any areas you would like to use as a label unfinished. Other areas can be sealed with a wax coat.


JeanieRae_JarDIYFinalProductI think the finished product is super cute!

PS: If you are trying to trap a mouse (live traps only, please!), peanut butter works best!