Five Step Daily Beauty Routine

So listen, I am not pretending to be an expert here. As a matter of fact, it took my thirteen makeup wearing years to figure out what worked for me. Slash, I won’t even take credit for that, the beauty experts at Ulta helped with that before Lyndsay’s wedding last September. So here’s what I can tell you… As a girl with Eastern European heritage (a.k.a. the most oily skin, ever. + large pores – I know, great combination right?), this is my beauty routine, and I feel confident in it. What more can you ask for?


ONE– Tarte Colored Clay CC
This is literally the best thing in my toolbox when it comes to makeup. It works as an eye primer, coverup, and highlighter. I use it to conceal dark spots, under eyes, and cover any redness, also as an eye primer when I actually apply eyeshadow.

TWO– Foundation: PUR 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup in fair.
I use PUR for my vampy Winter skin, it’s literally the only thing they make that is pale enough. Also its a pretty light coverage, and the benefit to our cold Pittsburgh winters is that my pores are so much smaller!  The Summer however is a totally different story and I use this for better coverage.

THREE- Rainforst After Dark Colored Clay Eye & Cheek Palette
This whole palate is pretty amazing. on a daily basis I use the blush and bronzer for contour. But the eyeshadows are really nice, and you can use those browns on the right as eyebrow filler. This was a limited edition for fall 2014, sigh.

FOUR– Maybelline Unstoppable in Onyx
I am a bottom liner girl. I know with my small eyes thats a faux pax, but I cannot get away from it. I have been using this product for years. It stays put! It’s amazing! Do you hear me Maybelline, don’t stop making this!!

FIVE– Mascara: Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara.
I got this as a Christmas gift this year, and I love it. But lets face it, as soon as it runs out, I will return to the drug store brand I normally use. There are certain things I purchase that are more expensive, mascara isn’t one of them.

Beauty Routine1. Before // 2. After // 3. Smudge CC Stick // 4. Blush // 5. Eyelash curl

The only tip I feel like I can offer (and it might not be anything new) is this. When I curl the little lashes I have, I curl them and while its pinched, I rotate my hand until my palm faces out to get maximum impact. I repeat this again at the every end of my lashes, so essentially I do a double curl.

I am not the girl who plays with new makeup trends, I just use this tried and true five product approach every day. Sure, I will add some eyeshadow to go out in the evenings, but what you see is what you get! Oh, and if I want this look to stay on all day I start with this as a base, and I set it with this spray. Do you have any tried and true makeup tips? Please share!

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  • Ann Marie
    I have a friend of Eastern European descent you also has oily skin and large pores. The b**** is going to be 48 this year and looks ten years younger because her skin never gets dried out. Give it a couple of decades Ashley and you may be grateful for your skin problems.