Father’s Day Gift Guide 2017

Let’s face it, Father’s Day is kind of a forgotten holiday.  I really blame it on the fact that father’s are just hard to shop for!  That’s why we put together the best Father’s Day Gift Guide for you this year.  Is your dad a tech guy?  A foodie?  A grill master?  We got the perfect gift for him!

Father's Day Gift Guide 2017

  1. This Echo Dot (2nd Generation) is a must have for any tech dad out there – it’s the perfect way for him to get the weather forecast or play music without having to push a button. ($49.99)
  2. Update your dad’s work area with this awesome wireless bamboo keyboard set that is made right here in the USA! ($99)
  3.  My dad is such a fix-it-yourself kind of guy, this multi tool is perfect – and I love that you can make it personal with a monogram. ($46)
  4. Whether your dad is into tech or you just want to upgrade his cool factor, this leather & canvas iPhone case is perfect – and it comes in different prints. ($49.95)
  5. If your dad has a sweet tooth or just loves good food, these chocolate covered potato chips might be the perfect gift – also I may just but them for myself! ($30)
  6. For the dad who travels or just likes to go away on the weekends, this Herschel duffle bag is timeless. ($85)
  7. All dads tell dad jokes, give him a taste of his own medicine with this joke book! ($9.80)
  8. No one takes grilling more seriously than my dad, so I feel like this apron is perfect to boost his grill-game this year. ($19.95)
  9. From the tailgating dad to the camping dad, this retro-style cooler is the perfect gift – it even has a bottle opener on the side! ($69.95)
  10. With the craft beer craze still at a high, this IPA Brewing Kit is perfect for the dad who wants to get a piece of the action & create his own brew! ($20-$45)

If you want to make your dad something special this year, here are some DIY ideas we’ve done in the past: Whiskey Bottle Soap Dispenser or a Memory Board!

Happy (early) Father’s Day to all the great dad’s out there!