Easy Tomato Soup Recipe

Tomato soup and grilled cheese is one of my favorite food combinations!  I’ve already conquered making a killer grilled cheese (the secret is to be generous with the melted butter) and now I wanted to find an easy tomato soup recipe to go with it!  I didn’t realize how simple it would be, after years of eating sodium high canned versions, this was a yummy change.  I used on the vine tomatoes but I have a feeling heirloom tomatoes like the original recipe called for would be even better.  At the end I added a little grated asiago cheese and a spoonful of goat cheese to make the soup that much creamier (if you don’t like goat cheese like my husband, I promise you wont taste it, it’s just there for texture).  We have so much left over, I will gladly be enjoying this soup all week!

easy tomato soup recipetomato souproasted-tomato-soup