DIY Stud Earring Organizer

For some reason, I am slightly obsessed with storage. I have been as far as I can remember… pretty containers, storage solutions, everything having a place… and because of this, the last four years of my life have been a little maddening. I say this because our home, as much as I love it, is typically in constant project mode. We are remodeling, projecting for ways to improve on day-to-day life, and slowly replacing the unwanted hand me down furniture as we are able. For the most part, this leaves us in a spiral as few things feel like permanent solutions. You can see how this would be wearing if you were OCD about things having a home….

My jewelry is a major place for contention. It’s everywhere! I strongly believe in displaying it because it’s beautiful, but at times, it’s so trying. I had all of my stud earrings in a pretty little dish..  Well, there were a lot of them so I could never find a match in the hustle and bustle of getting ready in the mornings.. I had to figure out a solution, and so I did! Check out my DIY Stud earring organizer, supplies and instructions below!




What you’ll need:

  • a frame
  • screen, like the stuff on your windows. I used a metal screen
  • hinges
  • staple gun
  • screw driver
  • drill
  • level
  • stud finder
  • 2 1/2″ screws- to attach to the wall/ stud

How To:

  1. Remove all existing hardware from the back of your frame, save it for a rainy day!
  2. Cut the screen slightly larger than your opening, pull tightly as you staple it to the recessed part of the frame (where the glass would sit)
  3. Attach your hinges with your drill, the elbows showing on the side. You can use the screws that come with the hinges here.
  4. Use a stud finder on the desired wall to find a valid place to hang. You need the weight of the stud to support this project.
  5. Use a level to be sure you are attaching it in a clean straight line and screw into the stud using the longer screws.
  6. Fasten your jewels to the screen and never feel disorganized again.


Note: If you are like me a quick trip to Michael’s or JoAnn’s for earring backs might be necessary, most of my earrings were missing backs.

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