DIY Memory Board

It’s summer so everyone is in the midst of projects, including my Grandma, who is in over drive with a mission to clean out her shed. She doesn’t really use it for anything since my Grandfather has passed away. My husband and I went to help her slash look through my Grandfather’s things as requested. What we found was a treasure trove. Between all the great old tools, they just don’t make them the same, and the flood of memories it was a pretty enjoyable and emotional morning.

I was pretty inspired looking at all of his trinkets, holding them, thinking of him and I knew that I didn’t want them to go away. I was reminded of these great shadow boxes we saw when we were in Columbus. So behold the beginning and end of two shadow boxes, one for each of our Grandfathers, rest in peace. Great men whom we loved dearly, and while this items won’t bring them back to us, glancing at these daily makes our hearts smile.


{Work in Progress} In Loving Memory: Sam Metelsky
(belt buckle, Armco Steel Keychain, War Photo- New Guinea, War Portrait: Private Samuel Metelsky, Draft card, Asian Islands Badge) Still to come are family photos with his Grandchildren

Hardware used to hold items into place.
IPAP1In Loving Memory: Hugh Lindsay
(Portrait, Us Dancing- I love that bolo tie!, Snare from his fishing line, Catch of the Day photo, Funeral card, With Sara- the squirrel, us hauling yard clippings, and his pruning shears that spent many years caring for the most beautiful of gardens)