DIY Halloween Decorations

So I have to admit, even though I love fall decorations, Halloween decorations have never been my thing.  So this year I tried to infuse the two together with a little fall (pumpkins and more natural textures like twigs) and Halloween (spider webs and a lot of black).  I found these DIY Halloween Decorations and loved the idea of creating “poison” bottles from old wine and alcohol bottles I had laying around the house (hoarder much?).  I loved putting my own spin on it using a gold pen to write on the black labels and naming them after ingredients found in Harry Potter potions.  They were super easy to make and only took a few hours in the evening.  Below check out how I styled them on my Halloween-themed bar chart and find out how to easily make your own!

DIY Halloween Decorations 2DIY Halloween Decorations 3What You’ll Need:

  • empty & clean glass bottles (I used different shaped wine bottled and a Patron bottle)
  • Matte Black Spray Paint
  • Labels (I got mine from Michael’s Craft Store but you can also cut out scrap paper and make your own)


  1. Make sure each bottle is clean, all labels are taken off and all glue is cleaned off.
  2. Spray each bottle evenly with 2-3 coats of the spray paint
  3.  Create the labels before hand, giving the ink enough time to dry depending on the label you use.
  4. One bottles are completely dry, carefully place the labels in the place you want them. (NOTE: The rounder the bottle, the more difficult it was to place the label flat.)DIY Halloween Decorations 4