DIY: A Super Easy Clipboard Upgrade

You may be surprised when I tell you that I feel the need for even the most utilitarian of objects be pleasing to the eye…I find pleasure and gain inspiration in being in spaces that are unique and different. I absolutely adore the way a simple coat of paint elevated these lovely clipboards.

This set is heading to my nine-to-five in an attempt to brighten my space, add a dose of color and style. Unfortunately, my desire for lovely things doesn’t translate into the best organization skills in my workspace. (My kitchen is super organized but don’t step into any of my offices.) I tend to function at a higher level of productivity when my work is at my fingertips – literally. At any given point in time my current projects are sprawled across my desk, hense the clipboards, which I hope will help clean my surface area and take my issue to the wall. Unfortunately drawer space is out of site and out of mind for me…

I was very happy with the outcome of this project, so much so that I intend to make a set of these for home too. My husband was pleasantly surprised with the styling for this shoot. (It’s the first time we were able to see the surface of the desk in quite awhile.) Get even more office inspired with our shop post.