April Showers Bring May Flowers + Cute Rain Attire



Of the two places I have lived, Pittsburgh and New York, both cities have extremely wet springs. Neither city allows for you to shrug rain off like its no big deal, so it’s pretty necessary to have some rainy day items in your closet. I have hand selected a few pieces of rain attire that I really like this spring.

I’ve been coveting Hunter’s infamous wellies (number one is a fun update) for seasons now, and my relentless calves refuse to make this a possibility, which is why I am so excited about number six. If you already own a pair of Hunters (lucky you), I love the classic look of the Joules rain boots, number three, as an option to switch out.

My bubble-brella was key in New York and unlike all the unlucky umbrellas that broke after a windy and rainy day, this shape held strong. I love that number two is a fun update to my must have piece. If you are just wanting something a little more compact, you can’t go wrong with the beautiful Jonathan Adler pattern in four.

Raincoats are a must! I wanted to show a regular and plus-sized option. I love the neon pop in five and the classic look in seven.

Can you offer any other tips for staying dry this spring?

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  • Cindy Z
    I love Hunters too, but don't have a pair for the same reason :) Look at SeaSalt's boots too - you just have to pay shipping from U.K.