7 Companies That Give Back To Dog Rescues

We here at Jeanie Rae love our animals & fully support animal rescue groups!  My husband and I adopted our pup Vivienne last September from an organization called ARF.  ARF is located in the Hamptons on Long Island.  It is a no kill, non-profit organization helping dogs and cats all over the North East region.  Vivienne is a rescue from a puppy mill in South Carolina, we got her when she was only 2 1/2 months old….it was love at first site!  She has truly changed our world and I can not imagine life without her!

Rescue organizations like this are so important!  Their are millions of dogs and cats all around the country who need our help and love.  That’s why I love shopping with companies that give back to animal rescues!  Below are 7 companies that give either a portion or their whole profit to dog rescue groups around the country.  (Sorry cat ladies….I’m focusing on the pups this time around!)  I have a few of these products already, like the Doxie Mama tank from Bean Goods and the Flamingo toy from Fluff & Tuff, however pretty much all these items are on my must-have list!  Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your furry friend, it’s nice to know that your purchase will do some good in the world!

animal rescue companies

1.  Rescued Wine // I first found these candles at the vineyard where I got married, at the time I had no idea what good they did!  These candles are made with the best ingredients, all from repurposed wine bottles, with different wine scents (my favorite being champagne!).  They give back a portion of each purchase to dog rescue groups around the country, making them a great way to give back and keep your home smelling great!

2. Bean Goods // I found this brand on instagram and was smitten right away!  I already have this tank and a tote, with more on my wish list!  The company was started in Portland, OR and ships all over the country!  They pick select rescue organizations to work with over each year, giving a percentage of their profits to them.  Sometimes they even collaborate on a special product with 100% of the proceeds going to the rescue group!  #weensnotwar

3. Found //  I’ve been obsessed with this brand long before I got my own dog.  They are a local Brooklyn company that sell the greatest rope and leather leashes and collars (they have expanded to other doggie items as well).  This company not only promotes animal adoption through giving away part of their proceeds, but they actually promote different animals up for adoption on their site!  What a great way to spread the word for adoption and keep your animal looking cool!

4. Grounds & Hounds //  What a great idea!  With cute coffee names like “Morning Walk Breakfast Blend” and “Sit & Stay Blend” this coffee company is changing the game!  They partner with 20 different rescue groups all over the country to bring comfort and support to pups waiting to find their forever homes.  So buy a months worth of your favorite coffee and support the superhero’s who save troubled dogs everyday!

5. Lucy & Co. //  This is another brand I found through instagram.  It’s hard not to fall in love with these beautiful bandanas & apparel for your furry friend!  I love what this NYC company does, they have partnered with Susie’s Senior Dogs, as well as other senior adoption shelters, to help find these overlooked seniors a happy home.  They give a portion of all their profits to helping this noble cause. Remember, old dogs need love too!

6. Rescue Strong // This one person shop uses their love of design and rescue to give back!  Shop anything from cute totes to simply designed apparel, all with the message to rescue!  They partner with rescue groups to give back 50% of their profits as straight donations, funds for projects or just to support others and bring awareness to the cause!  So grab a hoodie and a tote and spread the message!

7. Fluff & Tuff Toys //  These are literally the only plush toys I will buy Vivienne, because of her little razor teeth she destroys everything…except these!  We have a small collection of fluffy animals, most of them are the same size as her!  This Michigan brand is all about quality products and giving back.  They give back with donations, as well as doing an annual charity with 100% of the profits being donated to animal rescues!  You can find these toys through amazon or at some local pet shops.  Trust me, your pup will love any one of these plush friends!