Christmas Date Night

When I was living in New York, I discovered how magical a city could be at Christmas. I made sure to truly enjoy the season every year, visiting Rockefeller and taking in the beauty of the holiday window displays… there are many times of year I miss New York, but Christmas is definitely the reoccurring theme.

Living home in Pittsburgh, I am enjoying all the wonderful things this city has for the holidays as well. Recently, my husband and I had a Christmas date night to Market Square. At Christmas they set up a lovely little German style village that sells local and global wares. It’s a great spot to pick up unique last minute gifts… There is also the outdoor skating rink, which is super tiny next to Rockefeller, but the glass PPG towers that surround it make the tree look that much more spectacular. My favorite event in Market Square though, is in PPG One, where you can see Santa’s from around the world surrounded by a huge Gingerbread house display made by different families, schools, and organizations of the greater Pittsburgh area. Nothing says Christmas like gingerbread houses.

Merry Christmas to you and your family! I hope it is wonderful!