Celebrate! It’s Middle Name Day!

Happy Middle Name Day, ya’ll! Yeah, apparently that’s a thing, and it’s today. Hey, it’s a reason to celebrate right!? Since we are representing pride every day, I figured it’d be an awesome day to tell you a little bit about how Jeanie Rae began. Pull out the champagne, make yourself a mimosa and celebrate the day with us through this read.

Lyndsay Jean & Ashley Rae met in college in 2007, where they attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for fashion design. Unlike other schools where freshman come together not knowing anything about each other, FIT is completely different. You instantly know the following about your classmates:

  • They have similar interests: Face it, it’s not like you’ve attended a college in Anywhere, USA for Communications or something like that. (This is not a slap in the face for Communications majors, my BFA is in Communications.)
  • They are talented: FIT isn’t necessarily an easy school to get in to, especially the fashion design program which accepts 300 of 10,000 applicants annually.
  • They are driven: OKAY so maybe you don’t know this right away, but the fashion design program is a “weed out program”, so you’ll learn pretty quickly.

We became friends at the beginning of our sophomore year and our friendship went from casual coffees at break to a Monday to Friday evening “homework” routine that typically involved dinner from Chipotle or some concoction of whatever we could find in our apartments, cake or Ben & Jerry’s- sometimes both. Commence the freshman 15, HARD.

We had the most fun getting to know each other, which I guess is pretty easy when you are so similar… and so.many.laughs. It was during these times in college we each shared our desire for entrepreneurship, and we decided we’d like to pursue that goal together.

That was my last my last year at FIT, I graduated with my AAS and moved on, back to Pittsburgh, to the University of Pittsburgh. So starting then, as well as our post-college experiences, Lyndsay and I talk as frequently as we are able. We try to see each other at least once a year. Twice if possible, ideally we’ll each make a trip. We plan to schedule vacations together in the future with our husbands. It’s an easy friendship where the silence isn’t awkward, the distance doesn’t matter, and we can pick up right where we left off.

Anyways, after countless memories and two weddings together, we are finally jumping into our plans that we decided on so long ago. Living in two separate cities, we have decided to start our brand as a blog, bringing you the best of what we can offer. Eventually we’d like to turn it into something more tangible, we’re excited to see where this new adventure takes our friendship, our families, and we hope you will be too!




  • Jackie Kollegger
    LOVE! Congratulations and best of luck to two of the best girls!
    • Ashley Rae
      Thank you Miss Jackie!
  • who knew there was really a thing as middle name day!!!
  • Ann Marie
    How can I sign up to receive your updates? I don't want to miss one post to your fabulous website. Thanks ladies!
    • Ashley Rae
      Thank you! :) Our next site update will include a subscribe box! Stay tuned!
    • Ashley Rae
      our subscribe service is now available!