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Day To Night Maxi

I am always looking for a quick outfit to throw on that can work for my day-to-day activities but can also be worn out that night.  Maxi dresses are a sum...
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Memorial Day Fashion

Happy Memorial Day! I completely hope you will be picnic-ing it up today and enjoying lots of good food and outdoor activities, I know I will. I always lik...
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Fashion Sneakers

Since last summer, comfort and flats have been huge on the runways; birkenstock-like sandals and fashionable sneakers are in vogue (which is such a relief ...
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Styling a Denim Vest

My denim vest, or “cut” as my hipster friend would call it, is by far one of the most utilized pieces in my closet! Obviously its a denim jack...
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Classic Trench

So it’s April now which means spring is officially in high gear and it will rain for the next month.  It’s always hard to dress this time of year beca...
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Jewelry Envy-Necklaces

I have to admit I’m sort of a hoarder; I have trouble throwing things away in case I’ll “need” it again someday. Recently I went through all of my ...
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