Cajun Chicken Pasta

I am so excited to share this cajun chicken pasta recipe with you! Note: this is a household favorite because its the dinner I cooked for my husband on our first night in this house.

The air is cooling down and everyone is gradually getting excited about the fall season, but mostly I am hearing about excitement for boots and coats, and transitioning into fall fashion in all it’s glory… Well it just so happens that one of my favorite ways to transition into fall is with food. Yes, of course, there is Starbucks’ first day of the Pumpkin Spice latte but there are so many other great food items that just start that process.

The cooler the weather gets the more I find myself craving stick to the ribs comfort food (preferably without the sticking- in fact, I wish I could trick my body into thinking everything I eat is a salad). Well, its pretty early into the season for all that, and right now what I am loving are things like lasagna primavera (to get the delicious taste of lasagne without the starch, and still enjoy all of summer’s fresh veggies), and a gooey grilled cheese sandwich with a thick slick of tomato… well, this dish is similar in that it gives you that starchy quality while incorporating tons of fresh veggies and spices to keep it fresh. Enjoy!